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Myself, Khan Mohammad Sadiq Khan alias Banney was born on Friday the 18th June, 1937 at about 4 p.m. in Azamgarh U.P. India, in a Zameendar family of village Mohammadpur District Azamgarh. The family besides being agriculturist was educated since past over ten generations and were professionally involved in legal profession during British period. They were highly motivated towards Nationalism of India and always opposed foreign invasions. 

While I was at the threshold of entering the teen age, things started changing negative side to my life. First the ill conceived decision of politicians to partition the  country in 1947. Followed by abolition of  Zameendari system in Utter Pradesh in 1952, Untimely death of my father in August 1959 while I was still in my final year of graduation in Shibli National College, Azamgarh. The death of my father put the responsibilities of my family over me and I had to leave my education and went to Bombay in search of job, and my ambition to do L.L.B. was cut short.

I left for Bombay on 30th August, 1960 and after about three weeks later on 24th. Of September 1960 joined the Film distribution section of Mehboob R. Khan Saheb as an assistant accountant.

Sometime in June 1962, when I reached to my office the then manager of the office Mr. Lalit Kumar Gandhi informed me that Mehboob Khan sb, wanted to see me at his residence and that I should report to him at him residence in Shalimar Building , Marine Drive Bombay the next day at about 9 a.m. On my enquiry from Mr. Gandhi as to what was the reason for him to summon me, if I have done something wrong, Mr. Gandhi showed his ignorance. I was scared and thought that probably it was my last day in this office. In any case I went to see him next morning and no sooner I entered his residence I was escorted his bedroom where he made me to sit by his side on the bed itself and called for tea for me . After few minutes of casual conversation he enquired from me if I was willing to shift to Calcutta to join his newly started office as assistant Manager. It was a pleasant surprise rather shock to me as I was mentally prepared to listen to some thing worst. I gave the offer few seconds thought and realized that this was an opportunity to show my real talent and get out of the boring job of writing cash book and ledger since morning till evening. I responded positively and barely 20 days later I was in Calcutta and just about two months later I was asked by Mehboob Khan sb, to report to Delhi immediately and take charge of his newly started distribution office as Manager. I reached Delhi on 2nd. September, 1962. There I got the opportunity to release independently the film “Son of India” on grand scale , the premier was attended by Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi at Regal Theatre New Delhi, on 22nd, of December 1962. Thereafter, there was no looking back,

Things once again changed to negative as Mehboob Khan suddenly died on the night between 27th. of May and 28th May 1964 just few hours after the death the Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. Mehboob Khan’s second son Mr. Iqbal Khan became the Managing Director of Mehboob Productiion Pvt. Ltd. Somehow my temperament and his style of working did not go well and day by day things started changing towards confrontation between us and ultimately in April 1969 I had to leave Mehboob Khan’s organization. Between July 1969 to January 1972 things were very bad but from February 1972 once again I regained my lost status and re-established myself as General Manager of Rajshri Pictures Pvt. Ltd.

It was my stay in Delhi since September 1962 to end of March 2011 I was able to consolidate my ambitions to involve in education of Muslim children and with this object I was able to join the Azamgarh Muslim Educational Society –Azamgarh in and about 1977/78 followed by being part of founder member of World Education and Development organization –New Delhi (WEDO). I was manager of New Horozon School , Nizamuddin ‘ New Delhi established by the said WEDO, for over a decade till it was recognized as Sr. Secondary School by the Directorate of Education Delhi and affiliated to CBSE. There after I was General Secretary for few years and then as President. I was Chairman of the New Horizon School till 1st. of April 2011 and resigned since I had to immigrate to U.S.A. on 2nd of April, 2011.

During my stay in Delhi I authored three books first two, “Excavation of Truth-  Un-sung Heroes of 1857 war of Independence” based on the martyrdom of Pir Ali Khan of my village fighting British colonial rule and the second book , “Hamare-Hi- Lahoo Se Baghe Watan Shadab Hai” based on the Greatness of the Land and the people of Azamgarh and against the slanderous propaganda by media and communal and biased attitude of the Administration as well police of the country against the Muslim population of the District and the partition of the country to weaken the position of Muslims of the Country. Both these books were published by Kanishka Publishers, Didtributors- Ansari Road, Daryaganj New Delhi 110002. Third book is the history of my village Mohammadpur and family tree of my Khandan and some part of other mohallas of the Village. Now I along with my wife is in Los- Angles, U.S.A. as a permanent residence 3rd. of April 2011. What is in store of future only Allah knows and have faith in “HIM” Insha-Allah will be better.  Aameen.

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