News: Our Village Mohammadpur, Azamgarh  


MOHAMMADPUR – a village, situated at the bank of River Manghai in the District of Azamgarh U.P.India. The river covers the village, from Eastern, Southern and Western sides.  The village came into being in December, 1018 A.D.

According to ‘Abjad’ calculations, the word Mohammadpur, (in Urdu, Persian & Arabic) constitute to numerical total of 378. However while pronouncing the word “Mohammadpur”, the letter (meem) sounds, thrice. In English ‘M’ is used thrice.  The value of ‘M’ or (meem) is 40. If meem’s value is counted twice along with the value of other letters it will constitute to 378. However if the value of “meem” is counted thrice as it sounds thrice the total will become 418. If 418 is taken as the Hijra century it will correspond to 1018 A.D. The village was named as such, so as to be able to know the year when it originated i.e. 418 Hijra corresponding to 1018 A.D.

The Northern boundary of the village touches the Southern boundary of another village called Phariha. Phariha in fact is being considered as the twin of Mohammadpur and is believed to have come in existence simultaneous or soon after the establishment of Mohammadpur.

Mohammadpur is situated at a strategic point. During Sultanate period there was an important passage from Asni i.e.modern (Zafrabad) in the District of Jaunpur, leading to Ghazipur. The passage was passing through Mohammadpur en-route to Ghazipur via Nizamabad, further ahead to Bengal via Bihar. Later when the region came under East India Company in 1801 A.D. the people of Azamgarh, more particularly the people of Mohammadpur did not relish the surrender of the territory to British by the Nawab of Awadh.

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